Integrated Management Systems (IMS)

M-Tek UK Ltd are an independent business improvement consultancy based in Scotland but operating throughout the world. We specialize in providing Management Systems to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. These can be a stand-alone system to meet the requirements of one standard, or an Integrated Management System (IMS) that combines the requirements of more than ones standard. As well as meeting the requirements of the applicable standard, we firmly believe that the prime requirement is to implement systems that improve the performance of YOUR business.


We do not supply ‘standard’ solutions. Our approach is that we cannot advise on improvements to your business unless we understand how it currently operates and we have a complete appreciation of the problems and issues that you face.

We are able to provide assistance and advice in a wide range of situations (for industry sector experience go to the About us section), and have taken more than 100 organizations through to certification over the last 15 years.

Have you heard that getting ISO 9001 is a ‘lot of work’ or ‘really difficult’? If so, forget what you’ve heard! Yes, it can be hard, but it definitely doesn’t have to be.

M-Tek UK Ltd can help you develop a Quality Management System (QMS) that will obtain ISO 9001 certification, while also being practical, sensible & simple.

We don’t set up systems with huge, wordy quality manuals and masses of bureaucracy and forms. We can’t stand them and we bet you can’t either!

We deliver a system that works for you not just today, but next week, next month and next year. Not a system that only the consultant understands! If you already have a horrible system or one that’s too complex, we can help you streamline and simplify it.

We find that the majority of successful companies today already have systems in place to control many of their core processes. In today’s competitive environment, if you don’t have this you probably won’t survive. Thus the implementation of a Quality Management System does not mean huge changes in practice. In addition to gaining the prestigious ISO 9001 certification, a good system does deliver a method of measuring and improving the performance of the organization.

The bottom line is more business and increased profits !